Watch Phones

Like something from a James Bond film or Dick Tracy cartoon, watch phones are no longer a thing of fantasy, but are one of the most impressive gadgets of the noughties. The ultimate in portable media, simply attach your watch phone to your wrist and you're good to go, and since it never leaves your wrist you'll never leave your phone behind or accidentally lose it in a taxicab or in the office!


Yes, watch phones are a fantastic turn in mobile phoning. The variety of watch phones is impressive, with many stylish male, female and unisex designs. Generally these watch phones are 3G and measure on average around 60mm long, 40mm wide and 14mm thick, with a weight of around 90.75grms, meaning watch phones are so light and small you barely notice it's there. Many of the watch phones on the market have a full colour display and a good resolution for such a small screen.


Watch phones feature a full touch screen design with many different screens, with swiping action to interchange between them. When your phone is not in use, you can turn the screen to a clock/watch face of your design, so it features as a normal wristwatch. Watch phones also feature a camera, speaker, Bluetooth connectivity and messaging. As well as this the watch phone features a music player, allowing you to listen to your music easily on the go, a great addition for people with an active lifestyle.


Being capable of many functions such as making calls and messaging, you can either talk into watch phones or use the headset provided. This is a fantastic addition to driving, as it is a safer method than holding a handset, which unfortunately a lot of people still do. Voice commands are another impressive feature of watch phones, allowing you to simply say the work “message” to begin writing a text. Similarly, call can also be made in this very simple way. You can also surf the internet and download music and videos on the move, another amazing feature of watch phones that will please your every need.


Being an attractive and highly functional new gadget, watch phones are the perfect choice of gift for someone special in your life, or just a great gift to yourself to make your life considerably easier. Many people are turned to watch phones due to their “spy-tech” appeal, as they so closely resemble a stylish watch you wouldn't even consider that it could be a cellular telephone.


So when looking for a new mobile phone, then watch phones should definitely be considered, as their functionality, attractiveness and cool-factor will more than please your tastes. At the moment the impending release of the LG –GD910 is the buzz on the tech scene, and is the most impressive of the current watch phones on release. This watch phone will be released in 2010 on the Orange network, with further information to be given later in the year and will come in blue, pink and black.